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Advanced Extraction Technology Ltd

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Biofuels & Green Chemistry.



Current bio-fuel production utilises only a small fraction of the plant material grown for this purpose. This is of great concern as crop production for bio-fuel manufacture often displaces the growing of food crops in an increasingly hungry world.


AET Ltd is actively pursuing the applications of sub-critical water treatment to both waste material from existing bio-fuel manufacturing processes and also new sources of waste biomass that are not currently utilised.


The primary aim of these activities is to generate additional sources of fermentable sugars as a feedstock for the manufacture of ethanol as fuel and also other chemical “building blocks” currently provided from non-renewable fossil hydrocarbon resources.


AET Ltd is also applying sub-critical water technology to the extraction of valuable chemicals, predominantly but not exclusively flavonoids, from waste material from food processing, agriculture and other industries.

These have potential as anti-oxidant food additives and as ingredients in skincare/cosmetic products

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The decreased polarity of sub-critical water means that it can replace harmful organic solvents such as methanol in chemical processing, the obvious applications being in hydrolysis processes or extraction. This essentially eliminates solvent recycling and disposal costs.

There are also reduced cost implications for new build processing plant as flame-proofing & containment of hazardous vapours is not required.


In addition, the high reaction rates promoted by the elevated temperature & pressure result in highly efficient processing and high daily throughput.


The capacity to recycle much of the heat used in continuous flow-through sub-critical water based processing further increases the economic attractiveness


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To discuss potential applications of sub-critical water in biofuel production & chemical processing, please contact Mr Ken Davison (Technical Director)

E-mail:   TEL 01482 842570