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Flavonoids are a class of natural product attracting attention as the basis of potential new pharmaceuticals and are very efficiently & selectively extracted from plant sources by SWE.

The anti-inflammatory activities of flavonoids, produced predominantly via disruption of synthesis of prostaglandins and other pro- inflammatory mediators, is well established in many published scientific papers.


AET Ltd has confirmed the anti-inflammatory of the most promising of the flavonoid rich extracts, derived from the plant Scutellaria baicalensis, at both the level of enzyme inhibition and also using in-vitro cultures of human cells.

On the basis of these results, the aim is to ultimately take this flavonoid rich extract forward as a topical treatment for atopic eczema and also as an oral treatment for inflammatory bowel diseases.


However in addition to the anti-inflammatory activity, highly hydroxylated flavonoids of this type are also known to reverse resistance to drug treatment in both mutated cancer cells and also  bacteria. This mainly occurs via inhibition of the trans-membrane “pumps” responsible for expulsion of toxic foreign compounds from cells.

Thus certain flavonoids have potential as adjuncts to be combined with existing chemotherapy in treating resistant forms of cancer and microbial infections.

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The polyphenol enriched extracts which are produced by the sub-critical water extraction (SWE) of many traditionally used medicinal plants have great potential as new ingredients for cosmetics.  As the process is usually novel then patent protection can be readily gained ensuring exclusivity for products.

Such plant extracts are often preferred to synthetic chemical alternatives by the consumer as they are perceived to be both natural and eco-friendly.


The most important property of these plant polyphenols is inhibition of the crucial enzymes, collagenase & elastase, involved in wrinkle formation & photo-aging. AET Ltd has demonstrated that several of the patented extracts are potent inhibitors of these enzymes.

Inhibition of inflammation processes that can affect skin have also been demonstrated for selected extracts (see PHARMACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS).


AET Ltd confines itself to validation of potential new cosmetic ingredients using in-vitro testing    and does not test any of its range of extracts using animals.

To discuss potential applications of such extracts in both skincare/cosmetic & pharmaceutical applications please contact Dr Gary Wheatley (Scientific Director)

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